This is the trailer for the ElkCast.

Remember the Elkcast? Its a storytelling podcast that comes out at random, wildly inconsistent intervals. Frankly its disgraceful. Whoever pus this thing together should really be ashamed of themselves. Seriously, they should really attempt to get their stuff together and get this on a more professional release schedule. Wait…I’m receiving word that the person responsible is…me?


Well in that case…

Look, I’m only one guy. I’m doing the best I can on a tight and limited schedule. Time is of the essence people.

But anyway…

Listen to the ElkCast – a storytelling podcast with me, the “late” Paul Matthew Carr. You will be entertained and made happy by the pleasing anecdotes contained therein. Or not. Hard to tell really. Life is a rich tapestry sadness and euphoria peppered throughout a fragile existence and no one person can really guarantee happiness in a complex, ever changing and diverse world. But give it a try anyway.

I should really work at selling this better.

Oh, well. Give it a listen anyway. That’d be cool of you.