Welcome everyone to this thing that I do…

This time around I’m talking Star Wars in anticipation of the release of Rouge One. Specifically I’ll be telling the story of a particular time when I saw the film 12 times in a row in the theater…and there may or may not have been something nefarious about it.

Along the way I’ll give you some background in why I love the film so much and the impact it had on my early years.

This breaks from the typical format a bit  – but with only four episodes can you really say I have a typical format? Sure I can! Why not? Its my show, I can claim a typical format and then break it any time I want. So I have.

Anyway, it’s not really a proper story  – more of an extended anecdote with a few embarrassing details thrown in for entertainment. And that’s always fun.

So won’t you give a listen? I think you’ll enjoy it and if you love Star Wars as much as I do I really think it will bring a smile to your face. Or not. Hey, people are different and have a wide range of tastes and you really can’t tell what people will enjoy at any given moment. If nothing else – it’s short so you won’t have to invest too much time in it.

Man…I really should learn to sell this stuff better.

Anyway, thank again for listening.

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