UPDATE: Due to unexpected and unusual circumstances the launch of the podcast has been postponed. We could go into excruciating detail here but basically…stuff happens. The new launch date will be Thursday, June 1. The inaugural episode will still be the Tom Baker classic: The Face of Evil by Chris Boucher. We apologize for the delay but it was unfortunately unavoidable. 

Hello everyone and welcome to the site! The very first episode of The Definite Article: A Doctor Who Podcast will be arriving on April 10, 2017 Thursday, June 1. The episode will cover the Tom Baker era story The Face of Evil, which just happens to be the very first episode I ever saw. From there the episodes will progress forward working our way through a particular season and when reaching the end of that season will jump around randomly forward or backward in time to another season.

I didn’t want to just start at episode 1, An Unearthly Child and just plod on in a linear fashion because, well, that’s not how time travel works. But I also wanted to have a bit of continuity to the show so that’s why I determined I would work in season arcs, so that way we can get a good read on the characters, the actors, the writers and production and get a feel of the era they were made. While at the same time giving the show some spontaneity, changing things up from time to time.

The show will primarily focus on the classic series with occasional forays into the modern era just for fun. Still to be determined if the Big Finish audio stories will be brought in – seems like a lot to me. But maybe if the adoring throngs of fans I will no doubt acquire demand it.

In addition I will be reviewing each episode of Series 10 in text form the Monday following the original air date, as well as the occasional comic book review as well. I’m really hoping the show will take off and more Doctor Who content – audio, video, written, sung (okay, not sung) – will be forthcoming, not just from myself but others who would like to contribute as well.

That’s it for now, see you soon with Episode 1: The Face of Evil on Monday, April 10 Thursday, June 1!

Till then have a jelly baby, reverse the polarity, run when I say run and for god’s sake don’t choke your companion.

Cheers, Paul Matthew