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What You Reading?

An Immaculate Fix: A Junky’s Christmas

It was Christmas Day and Danny the Car Wiper hit the street junksick and broke after seventy-two hours in the precinct cell. It was a clear bright day, but there was warmth in the sun. Danny shivered with an inner cold. He turned up the collar of his worn, greasy black overcoat. This beat benny wouldn't pawn for a deuce, he thought. He was in the West Nineties. A

By |December 10th, 2020|

What You Reading? Invisible Woman #1

by Mark Waid & Mattia De Iulis I typically do not write about first issues of a comic book because – for me – I find the first issue to be the least exciting. Nowadays a first issue is the one that does the heavy lifting in terms of setting up the premise, introducing us to the world, the antagonists and protagonists, and most importantly intruding the main

By |July 18th, 2019|

What You reading? Children of Blood and Bone

by Tomi Adeyemi I am a lover of genre fiction – specifically scifi and fantasy.  And in the case of fantasy I feel that it gets a bad rap. I understand that when it is done poorly it can be somewhat cringe-worthy – falling into tropes and clichés that are well trodden – let’s say. But when it is done well it can be something quite special. With

By |July 11th, 2019|

Fearful Symmetry: William Blake’s The Tyger

On the most recent episode of the Collected Edition I and my co-host Brian Reese discuss the classic Spider-Man story Kraven's Last Hunt also known as "Fearful Symmetry" the title of which comes from the 1794 poem by William Blake called The Tyger. After recording the episode I was compelled to dig out my William Blake collection and read the poem again and as always it does not disappoint.

By |June 20th, 2019|

What You Watching? Man-Thing (2005)

In 2005 a film adaptation of the comic book character Man-Thing was released from Lions Gate Films. And I can say with full confidence that of all the films released in 2005 – this was definitely one of them. I don't know why you'd want to but you could watch the movie version I guess. I had to watch this "adaptation" (several times actually) in order to do a

By |June 18th, 2019|
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I Love to Read. At any given time I am reading one or two books and any number of comics. When I was a kid whenever my grandfather saw me with a book in my hand he’s say, “Hey bud, what you reading?” And I’d tell him with childish gusto and enthusiasm. And then he’s tell me what he was reading as well. I want to share what I’m reading with you and maybe you will share what you’re reading with me.

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