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Difficult Beauty

Brain Salad Surgery: Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Difficult Beauty

Brain Salad Surgery is the fourth studio album from prog-rock supergroup Emerson, Lake, & Palmer and is arguably their most well-known. The reason for its notoriety can be boiled down to two things: an unbelievably catchy radio hit and some stunning cover art by H.R. Giger. There’s more to the album of course, but in the non-prog-loving world, I bet those are the things that stand out. The album

By |July 6th, 2021|

Larks’ Tongues In Aspic: King Crimson: Difficult Beauty II

King Crimson is probably the band that is most evocative of Progressive Rock. That is to say they have been and continue to be unapologetic prog. There was no decent into pop singles in the 80s, there was no reworking of old material with an orchestra, neither was there a classic reunion tour for an arbitrary anniversary. Instead King Crimson simply trudged along making albums at intervals of their

By |April 12th, 2018|

Close to the Edge: Yes: Difficult Beauty I

I begin this journey into Progressive Rock with the album that I feel is the quintessential example of the genre. Yes’ fifth release typifies the aspects of what makes great Prog Rock.  It executes the characteristics of the form perfectly and combines the musical experimentation and instrumentation into what I consider one of the closest any group has gotten to a perfect album. Essentially, I really like this album.

By |March 9th, 2018|

Difficult Beauty: An Exploration of Progressive Rock: Introduction

Progressive Rock is a genre of music that typically to consists of long, complicated pieces of music that attempts to incorporate ideas and styles of jazz improvisation and classical composition. It tends to focus on the virtuosity of its musicians, experimentation in the structure of the music and instruments, and incorporation of references and illusions to fantasy, science fiction and literature. Those who love the genre tend to think of

By |February 13th, 2018|

An Exploration of Progressive Rock. Each entry in this series will focus on a particular album from a particular band randomly chosen by me depending on basically what I am listening to at the time. And also things like historical importance and popularity, artistic value and such.

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